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Friday, 2024.07.19, 8:49 AM

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Hello everyone! WELCOME!

First of all I must say that this is totally fansite, so please don't send me your notes for Mr.Bachchan, I won't be able resend them to Amit ji. He has his own blog, twitter, Facebook page, so please if you want to interact with him, follow the links. Thank you!

I created this site as a place where I can gather screen captures (snapshots, screenshots) from Amitabh Bachchan's movies I made (screencaps, not movies). 'Cos I thought that there are lots of pics from magazines and events in Internet, but what is most important - his roles, are neglected in this area. So I collected pretty much all of his films, decoded them into .mkv files with decent bitrate for good screens. Idea is to fill in all folders I created in "Gallery" section. And I believe sooner or later it will happen. 150-250 screenshots per movie - is my goal. So you will have something to see ;)

After I made the site I also started to learn Photoshop and another graphic software. That's how "Artworks" gallery appeared. Also I came across some interesting magazines and then my dear FmXt brother Dharmesh shared  some too, so now you can read recent and old articles  "as they were".

And of course there are articles from other sources you can read here. Not mentioning films' reviews. So far they are from Wiki and IMDB but I hope that some friends of mine will be able to add their writings in this section too ;) So beware of spoilers )))

As Amit ji is not only a great actor, but a singer too, I made a special section for his songs. Also I started to collect and post some interesting YouTube videos to show visitors of this site all in one place. Therefore you will be able to find here some ads, interviews, documentaries and full length films. And some of my fanvids too. Sorry, can't help myself with that. Hope you'll like them ;)

Alongside with songs I collected most of guest roles in special section, so you will be able to watch them too.
And last but not least - there will be some gif animation, Tumblr style, 'cos I think it's a great way to show some scenes in semi-action ;-P

I hope you'll like it here. Of course all rights reserved to their respected owners, I owe nothing, I'm just letting you to see some insights and I'm sure that all of you will go and will buy a licensed versions of films. Thank you for your time! Have a nice surfing! 
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